Mark Haster Painting specialises in providing exceptional quality residential and commercial painting services to a broad range of clients.

Residential Repaints

A professional repaint is one of the easiest ways to refresh and add value to your home or investment property. We offer professional advice and colour consultations to show you how your home can be transformed.

Interior Painting

We can freshen up your home or transform it with a new colour scheme. Living areas can be enhanced with texture coats, special finishes or wallpaper. A fresh coat of paint can quickly improve an old bathroom or kitchen and specialist anti mould paints can assist if ventilation is poor.

Exterior Painting

The Queensland climate is very harsh and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your home through, rust, rot or corrosion. A professional paint job is an investment which can repair and protect your valuable asset before major deterioration occurs. This can save thousands of dollars and add value to your home and it needn’t cost a fortune. We have the expertise to ensure a quality and lasting job. If you just want to modernise the appearance of your house with a colour change we can help with that too.

Roof Restoration

We offer a complete roof rejuvenation service including washing to remove mould and grime, repointing masonry roofs and rescrewing iron roofs. We use quality roof primers and membranes to give your roof a new lease of life.

Seamless Floors

We can prepare by grinding, sanding or acid washing followed by clear polyurethane, a solid colour or full flake system to rejuvenate your concrete floor, path or driveway.

New Homes

We have specialist teams available to paint and decorate your new home. We consult with you to ensure the perfect colour scheme and finish for your dream home.

Commercial Painting

Mark Haster Painting Pty Ltd is well equipped to handle commercial projects of any size or scope. We have a large workforce at the ready. With over 20 years experience of working closely with builders, developers and commercial property owners Mark Haster Painting is able to provide the prompt and professional service they demand.

Body Corporate

We are able to provide once off painting or ongoing maintenance schedules for Body Corporates. We are experienced in residential and commercial body corporate work and always liaise with tenants when scheduling jobs.

Insurance Work

We are specialists in all types of insurance work whether it be one wall or an entire building. We are expert at colour matching and are able to schedule jobs at short notice to minimise disruption.

Colour Selections

We can assist you to choose the perfect colour scheme to showcase your home or business.

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